Your guide to… The EU Proposed Regulation for Deforestation-Free Products

1 min readMay 11, 2022

The European Commission’s proposed Regulation on Deforestation-Free Products, due to be ratified in a year’s time, will oblige companies looking to trade in the EU to comply with the new rules or risk being unable to sell their products on the Single Market.

For us at Satelligence, there’s nothing more important than seeing our clients comply and flourish sustainably. So we’re here to walk you through the EU’s latest anti-deforestation proposal, what it means, where it’s come from and how to navigate the road to compliance.

In summary, the new legislation:

  • Covers palm oil, soy, beef, wood, cocoa, coffee, and derived products.
  • Aims to stop the import of deforestation linked commodities to the EU.
  • Focuses on local compliance along the supply chain.
  • Areas will be designated a low, standard or high-risk rating.
  • Failure to comply could lead to fines or the halting of business.

Read the quite here:

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